Development of the wheat plant

Here we describe the life cycle of wheat, from seed germination to harvest. Special emphasis is placed on post-fertilisation development of the grain. However, there are also sections on the development of the wheat apex and the embryo. We are sure that there is something here for everyone: farmers, millers, brewers, teachers, students, cereal biologists or, indeed, anyone who might be interested in getting to know a little more about one of the world's most important crops. There are lots of pictures to look at, some of which are quite beautiful. We actively encourage you to download these images and the texts that accompanies them.

Ten sections describe plant growth and grain development from germination to harvest ripe (use the menu bar to the left to access the different topics); these times were chosen because they complement the cDNA libraries that have been sequenced for the IGF project.

Four special compilations collect together pictures of:

On the green menu bar to the left, click on a topic of interest and a sub-menu will appear which gives you entry to the picture database. Click a thumbnail picture to enlarge it and find the annotations. A full size picture is available for download too.

HGCA logo.  Sorry, there appears to be a problem loading this imageFinancial support from the Home Grown Cereal Authority (HGCA), and, in particular, the great help given by Professor Graham Jellis, has enabled us to gather together the information contained here: much of this has, until now, been scattered in text books, field guides and scientific papers, but has not been available as a single site.